Tijuana-USA Border Port of Entry

More than 63 million viewers per year.

Busiest Border in the World

  • Viewers that cross into the USA spend more than 26 billion dollars each year
  • 24 traffic lanes alongside the pedestrian crossing wait line
  • More than 5 million consumers cross the border every month
  • Average wait time 2:30 hours
Third major Hispanic market after Los Angeles and New York

CECUT Electronic Billboard

  • 20 mm LED Electronic billboard
Dimensions 30 x 15 ft. (450 ft2)
  • Capable of displaying 4.4 trillion colors
  • Advertisign runs day and night 24/7

Tijuana, Zona Río Electronic Billboard

175, 000 people pass through this roundabout daily.
Located in Tijuana's prime area Paseo de los Heroes and Blvd. Independencia
Tijuana's purchasing pwoer is valued at 5 billion USD.

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